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Oct 28, 2016 1h 35m
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Based on the real story of Tom and Nicola Ray from Rutland. Their perfect life is totally ruined in a single moment after Tom had developed sepsis. While her husband was in coma, Nicola gave birth to their second child on the other side of the same hospital. Within a matter of days, sepsis would rob Tom of both his arms and legs, and left his face severely disfigured. As an ordinary man, Tom never put himself at risk — he just woke up two months later in a nightmare, a face-off quadruple amputee... This incredible story of survival shows what can be overcome when love is unconditional.

Title Starfish
Companies Kreo Films FZ, CrossDay Productions Ltd., Genesius Pictures, Unlimited Pictures, Origami Films, Head Gear Films
Countries United Kingdom
Keywords coma, husband wife relationship, rehabilitation, infection, biography, health care, based on a true story, compassion, cripple, disfigured face, taking care of someone , true love, 1990s, amputee, sepsis, handicapped, disabled person